Things are coming along nicely

I managed to get a first pure-KJSEmbed application working last night. It's only a basic text editor, but it creates its own KMainWindow and has acess to the action collection. Combined with the signal/JS function code I added recently I think we're almost at the point where KJSEmbed can be used to create real applications rather than just simple wizards etc.


You did a fantastic job with KJSEmbed. When I was writing a KPart for George's KaXul I couldn't stay not impressed with how easy it was to integrate it into an app. Now I'm using it in a pet project of my own and simply love it. So, keep it coming and thanks.

By zack rusin at Sun, 08/03/2003 - 06:55

Cool, glad you like it!


By Richard Moore at Tue, 08/12/2003 - 18:39

I think this is great stuff but it is quite unknown to "the world outside". Maybe write up a feature for the Dot.

By KDE User at Sun, 08/03/2003 - 11:05

Yes, I've been meaning to write on but I haven't had the time yet.


By Richard Moore at Tue, 08/12/2003 - 18:36