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Thursday, 31 July 2003  |  zack rusin

One more thing. I'm getting emails about DBus because my name appears in the AUTHORS file, so :

  • KDE is not switching to DBus
  • I hardly did anything for DBus
  • Yes, I do have Qt bindings for DBus pretty much finished. I still have some things that have to be worked on in them but since they're not too high on my todo list right now I can't bring myself to commit that code
  • Yes, a bridge between DCOP and DBus would be technically possible, but I don't think we will ever go for it. It'd be just another layer
  • Creating a DBus library that is source compatible with libDCOP would be possible with one assumption - that assumption is that the application/library using libDCOP doesn't access libICE directly. I've never seen anyone doing that so I think we're pretty much safe on that
  • KDE is not switching to DBus. DCOP is great
  • I think that's it. Now back to coding and repeat after me : neural networks don't work, nice concept but nothing more, well maybe... but that's not KDE related :)