The perfect editor

Hooray, there is a new NEdit release! Today the first release candidate of NEdit 5.4 was announced. There were three features I was missing from NEdit up to now:

  • Start scrolling before the cursor has reached the end of the screen to make sure you always have the overview of a few lines in advance
  • An option to show whitespace at the end of lines
  • Hiding the mouse pointer when you start typing

All these features are implemented now (and a couple more). I tried the new version and the new features and immediately liked it. That makes NEdit the perfect editor for me. Congratulations to the NEdit team for this marvelous job.

See the NEdit homepage for details.


any news about the kpart which was started some time ago for NEdit ?
(to embed it in gideon for eg)


By mikmak at Tue, 07/29/2003 - 22:03