The translators are going to hate me

I'm trying to get kopete's .pot file updated since it's three days old. I was under the impression that they were generated automagically by one of the kde servers, but I was wrong. :( I'm trying to get it done today since today is the start of kopete's string freeze before 0.7 comes out around August 4th. I don't think I'm going to get my fix for the yahoo account online with invalid data bug in for Kopete 0.7 because of the string freeze, although I might be able to, since it doesn't add any strings, it just moves them somewhere, so I might do that if I can get rid of the stupid select bug ( bug:56028 ). Maybe after 0.7 (and when I have time), I'll port libyahoo over to QT/KDE so I can use things like KExtendedSocket for automatic proxy stuff, and maybe even get to use KIO for file transfers, and then I also won't have to worry about C with it's stupid callbacks. I think the functors in the IRC protocol are enough to keep my head spinning.

In other news, my algorithms project is 45% done now. 5% of that is code, the remaining 45% is testing and writing the report. That shouldn't be too hard really, since I've had a couple of Tech Writing classes and there's going to be lots of tables and graphs and charts anyways.

I also have a laptop now. It's a PIII-500 with 256MB of RAM. It's installing Gentoo right now (thank you distcc) and I'm sure it will be nice to have.


You don't only have to update one kopete .pot file but have to merge the new one with the kopete .pot file of every language - I hope you have the time and bandwith for this and do it correctly. It sounds easier to wait until the normal script run is fixed.

By KDE User at Mon, 07/28/2003 - 07:59

i found out the reason that the pot file is old is because i18n.kde.org is down. I assume that it'll get regenerated when i18n.kde.org comes back up.

By mattr at Mon, 07/28/2003 - 15:21