Automating joining&leaving mailing lists

The lack of comfort when joining mailing lists is annoying. If anybody wants to make me a little bit less grumpy, try the following:
- design a XML Scheme / file format to describe a mailing list (and especially how to join and leave it)
- register a corresponding mime type in KDE
- add a handler for that file type in KMail, or write a stand-alone app that uses the KMail backend
- when somebody clicks on a link with that mime type in Konqui, start the handler
- the handler will, after some GUI to explain it to the user and asking for permission, create a folder for the mailing list in KMail, create a filter for the mailing list, write a mail to the registration address to join and reply automatically to the confirmation mail
- KMail should have a 'unsubscribe' context menu entry that lets a user unsubscribe automatically

That would be useful... The next step, of course, would be a more comfortable way of browsing and finding mailing lists. KMail could have a build-in list of mailing lists (or download one) so people don't need to search for them.


Why reinvent the wheel, a lot of mailing lists are on news servers.

By KDE User at Sat, 07/26/2003 - 23:36

I'm a sick, sick man and implemented something very similar a while ago. Search KMail archives for automagic mailing list handling. I never committed it because Don was about to commit the KMCommand's patch then and I wanted to do it afterwards. Then a feature freeze came up before 3.1 and I never felt like dealing with cvs conflicts so I created a diff and did -PdC. I have to port it to the new architecture. Basically KMail with that patch was capable of detecting whether an email came from a mailing list. If it did it was capable of automatically unsubscribing, subscribing, going to the archives, changing password, detecting the mailing list description and associating a folder with the mailing list from which the email came from. Kind of a unique feature among all email clients I've ever seen.

By zack rusin at Mon, 07/28/2003 - 01:34

How about committing it now or letting Tim get a hand on those patches? :)

By Na at Mon, 07/28/2003 - 14:14