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7/22/2003 - I need more time

Tuesday, 22 July 2003  |  mattr

Why is it that university professors always pile crap loads of work on at the end of the term? sigh So yeah, I got lots of homework and projects, and no time to hack. But i'll stop bitching now. :)

Kopete 0.7 is getting close to being released, and I'm been pleased with all the positive feedback I've gotten on the Yahoo plugin. I have a local fix for the "invalid accounts don't disconnect" bug, but that fix triggers the select bug again (56028). I think this might be a problem with libyahoo2 and so it may not get fixed in time for 0.7.

This bug is in the top 20 of most hated bugs. Guess that ought to be fixed. :)

And I just saw that KLogoTurtle just got imported into CVS by annma. How cool!! I need to dig out those old logo notebooks that I have (if I can still find them) and see how well it works. My friends and I would have a blast with the logo stuff in grade school, so much fun. :)

Anyways, my lunch break is over. Back to work for me.