I'm trying to make a habit out of those entries.
I've spent a little time today working on and closing 12384, which by now had 423 votes. Felt good to close it. Also worked on 4202 a little more. I want to have the html capable editor in libkdepim after OLS. Hopefully everyone is going to like it as the editor itself is a kpart plugin. In the beginning kedit, krichtextpart and ktexteditor based will be there. Hopefully before 3.2 I also get a KoText editor part there so that you can edit emails with it. But that's after I'll port KMail and KNode to it, especially that I need to work on html export in KWord a little more.
George emailed me today saying that he wants to work on KConfEdit, which is great because I was planning on doing that for a while now. KConfEdit was an app I wrote right after KDE 3.0 came out. I never had enough time or energy to move it out of kdenonbeta but with Waldo's proposed KConfig changes for 3.2 (comments and types in entries) I started thinking about it again. During OLS we'll, most probably, have a few nice hacking sessions during which we'll bring that app up and running.
I also took over KSpell and am the maintainer of it as of today. Few minutes after announcing that I got a few emails pointing me to Dom Lachowich's email on the freedesktop list about Enchant which seems like a good idea. I'll decide what to do about it when Dom's going to answer some of my questions about it. One of the usability people sent a mock-up screenshot of the new, proposed KSpell dialog layout. It looks really good and I like it a lot. If some other people won't object then that's how it's going to look for 3.2.
I also started working on bluetooth integration in KDE. As Ian can assure you I'm addicted to my phone (Nokia 3650). I just think it's neat. More on that later.
Oh, and I started looking into integrating KDE api docs in Qt Assistant. More on that also later.
I don't know. I'm rather productive and I think I'll start limiting those entries to some bare minimum to not scare people of with their size. It all comes down to a simple fact: I'm well, coding, closing bugs and a lot of cool things is coming your way - just trust me on that.


That would rock. =)

By Na at Tue, 07/22/2003 - 09:28

According to the comments of this wish Don has also initial patches for it, do you both coordinate your work or is this a race who will be first to commit?

Btw, what is OLS?

By KDE User at Tue, 07/22/2003 - 11:19

I think Don is working on bringing KRichTextEditor up to speed-- the actual HTML stuff.. I think Zack is working on multiple editor support for kmail so you can use krichtexteditor, kvim, quanta/kafka (in the future), kotext (kword part? in the future)

By KDE User at Tue, 07/22/2003 - 14:58

OLS is the Ottawa Linux Symposium, which is probably the coolest Linux gathering in Canada if not the Western Hemisphere. George and Zack plan on being there, according to an email to... uh... I forget which mailing list =)

By Aaron J. Seigo at Wed, 07/23/2003 - 00:30