Kopete Jabber Plugin - Do you use it?

Jabber seems to be growing again lately. Yet, Kopete seems to have no real userbase in Jabberland. I always wonder why I don't get any real feedback. There are hardly any bug reports, hardly any wishlist entries. Compared to the other plugins like ICQ or MSN at least, although that might be an unfair comparison.

Would you use the Kopete Jabber plugin? Do you know about Jabber at all? If you are using the Jabber plugin, are you missing any features?

There are things like multi-user chat that I don't use at all, yet they are on my todo list. It would be cool to have multi-user chat support, Kopete can rudimentarily handle groupchat, but since there's no feedback (and thus seemingly no demand), it's hard to motivate yourself to finish it properly.

There are many more things like presence signing, standards-compliant encryption and others that I maybe don't even know about, it's cool to add more stuff that makes Kopete interact better with other clients, but then again, if nobody seems to use it, it sometimes feels like a wasted effort.


Please try the latest CVS or 0.7 once it's out (should be released next month), we really tried to improve stability. If you have steps to reproduce a crash, please submit a report at bugs.kde.org. If crashes happen on our systems, we try to fix them, but since most crashes occur in configurations other than our own, user feedback is definitely needed.

By KDE User at Mon, 07/21/2003 - 17:35

I use kopete with the Jabber and ICQ-plugins every day since kopete 0.4 or something.

There are two big points that still are disappointing:

  • the lack of proper file-transfer capability
  • the instability - kopete crashes if the jabber-plugin doesn't find the jabber-server

I'm using kopete 0.6.2 at the moment, but I've tried CVS some weeks ago.
I don't remember if file-transfers were possible with this version, but it seemed quite stable to me.

Oh - and I like the text-effect plugin :-)
It's a really nice toy. I've added another option to it - to reverse the text before sending it. Are you interested in a patch so that it could be included in the official tree?
If you are, please drop a mail

By KDE User at Mon, 07/21/2003 - 17:55

I'm trying to swith from Gabber to Kopete but i've only one problem:

I'm using some gateway that can make me talk with icq,msn,aol users without using a dedicate clients or native support in the jabber client, with gabber when i make a right click to the transport (say msn) i can use the button "disconnect" to disconnect every gateway if i want.
With kopete this isn't possibile, a gateway is seen as a normal jabber contact, so i can only chat,send file eccc... with it.


By KDE User at Mon, 07/21/2003 - 18:40

I use a jabber account with msn and icq transports to reach my friends on other networks.

When I run kopete, it gets very mixed up because kopete wants to get on icq/msn, but the jabber connection wants the same thing!. Kopete should keep the transports from connecting (or even better, make it configurable). If this would be possible, most of my problems with kopete would be solved and I would use it alot more.. I would be able to connect to jabber and chat with my jabber friends, while using a direct connection to msn and/or icq..
i'm keeping my fingers crossed for the 3.2 release ;)

By KDE User at Tue, 07/22/2003 - 12:45

Full support for transports will be integrated after Kopete 0.7. We still didn't really come to a conclusion about how to integrate them into the Kopete interface, but the most important thing is obviously the feature, not where it shows up in the GUI. (the GUI could be changed anytime if required)

It's nice to see users stating their opinion on what they feel is missing, this finally gives a better possibility to assign priorities to the various items on the todo list.

If you'd like to see something implemented, I encourage everyone to submit wishlist items at bugs.kde.org. Chances are pretty high that these items will be dealt with sooner, especially since other users can follow up or vote for the same bug.

By KDE User at Tue, 07/22/2003 - 15:05

i'll follow up on the gateway progress and post wishlist items until I'm completely satisfied :)

bytheway, this weblog really rocks!!

It brings the more technically minded users (they are interrested in what developers have to say) to the more user-minded developers (selfish developers don't care about blogs :p)

By KDE User at Wed, 07/23/2003 - 13:29

I've started using the Jabber plugin once I saw the call-for opinions and comments on it. I think it's cool and all. I'm just missing the cool GPG encryption that works with Gabber/Psi. The transports thing would be cool too. May only hope for the transports, other than full support, is that maybe some sort of little icon can be used to tell what transport the contact is using, such as msn uses the msn icon and aim users use the aim icon. That would be awesome. It would also make life much easier for those of us who have contacts on multiple protocols.

By KDE User at Thu, 07/24/2003 - 01:30

GPG encryption should work. Presence signing is still on my todo.

By KDE User at Fri, 09/19/2003 - 11:33

...until I discovered Jabber, then I switched to Psi as a client. Although at that point kopete was still pretty young, and I'm not sure it had a jabber plugin. I haven't switched because Psi does pretty much everything I need at this point, and it still fits in well with my KDE desktop.

By KDE User at Tue, 07/22/2003 - 19:48

I use GAIM because the Kopete plugin is so flaky, and I don't have the time to fix it, even if I wanted to. Sometime after I dropped maintainership, everything seemed to get refactored, and start crashing. :(

Even though the relevant BZ report is closed, I still get the feeling that Kopete's Jabber plugin is unmaintained.


By KDE User at Wed, 07/23/2003 - 04:08