Kopete Jabber Plugin - Do you use it?

Jabber seems to be growing again lately. Yet, Kopete seems to have no real userbase in Jabberland. I always wonder why I don't get any real feedback. There are hardly any bug reports, hardly any wishlist entries. Compared to the other plugins like ICQ or MSN at least, although that might be an unfair comparison.

Would you use the Kopete Jabber plugin? Do you know about Jabber at all? If you are using the Jabber plugin, are you missing any features?

There are things like multi-user chat that I don't use at all, yet they are on my todo list. It would be cool to have multi-user chat support, Kopete can rudimentarily handle groupchat, but since there's no feedback (and thus seemingly no demand), it's hard to motivate yourself to finish it properly.

There are many more things like presence signing, standards-compliant encryption and others that I maybe don't even know about, it's cool to add more stuff that makes Kopete interact better with other clients, but then again, if nobody seems to use it, it sometimes feels like a wasted effort.


I use the jabber plugin everyday for chat at work - we have a jabber server internally. Its a great way to get and give interactive help and support for issues that would otherwise require a lot of hanging about, on the phone or in person, waiting for people to do things. You can get on with other assignments while each step proceeds. I also use ICQ for external chat to friends and collegues in other companies all in the one client. Its great.

The only feature I am missing (kopete 0.6.2) is the ability to initiate file transfers. It would be very useful to be able to send a photo, or screenshot of a problem or configuration over the same connection, with a "save" or "open with..." dialog on the receiving end. Other than that it works just fine for my basic requirements.

Keep up the good work. Thanks.

By KDE User at Mon, 07/21/2003 - 12:34

File transfer is one of the top priorities for Jabber after the 0.7 release. Kopete already has all the support code built in, only the protocol-specific implementation needs to be added.

Until now, two major things blocked a real implementation:

- no file-transfer standard ever passed the standardization process at jabber.org until recently
- libpsi, our backend class, did not support any of the non-standard methods other clients were using

We'll be changing to the successor of libpsi after 0.7 which will be featuring file transfer code.

By KDE User at Mon, 07/21/2003 - 17:46

I get this error compiling CVS head
source='qssl.cpp' object='qssl.lo' libtool=yes \
depfile='.deps/qssl.Plo' tmpdepfile='.deps/qssl.TPlo' \
depmode=gcc /bin/sh ../../../../../../admin/depcomp \
/bin/sh ../../../../../../libtool --silent --mode=compile --tag=CXX g++ -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I. -I../../../../../.. -I/opt/kde3/include -I/usr/lib/qt3/include -I/usr/X11R6/include -DQT_THREAD_SUPPORT -D_REENTRANT -fno-strict-aliasing -D_LARGEFILE_SOURCE -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 -I/usr/lib/perl5/5.6.1/i586-linux/CORE -Wnon-virtual-dtor -Wno-long-long -Wundef -Wall -pedantic -W -Wpointer-arith -Wwrite-strings -ansi -D_XOPEN_SOURCE=500 -D_BSD_SOURCE -Wcast-align -Wconversion -Wchar-subscripts -fno-builtin -g3 -fno-inline -fno-exceptions -fno-check-new -fno-common -c -o qssl.lo `test -f 'qssl.cpp' || echo './'`qssl.cpp
qssl.cpp:25: openssl/ssl.h: No such file or directory
qssl.cpp:26: openssl/err.h: No such file or directory
make[5]: *** [qssl.lo] Error 1

IMHO It should check for openssl/ssl.h at configure time!

By KDE User at Mon, 07/21/2003 - 12:44

I put that on my todo list. Actually this check was put into the configure scripts long ago, and since I tested it back then, I assumed it to be working still.

By KDE User at Mon, 07/21/2003 - 17:40

But every single time I've tried building or actually running Kopete with the Jabber plugin, I end up horribly disappointed, with either crashes or complete failure to even build.

I'll give it another go later, when I get a chance to rebuild from CVS.

By KDE User at Mon, 07/21/2003 - 12:57

Please take your time to submit bug reports! I try to fix everything I can, and Duncan's idea for Kopete was to make it as userfriendly as possible. Many annoyances also happen when installing Kopete for the first time, since some of the setup code changed but nobody really tested it enough by deleting their full configuration and starting from scratch.

Unfortunately many things that first-timers are facing are simply not obvious when using Kopete daily with an existing, working setup.

By KDE User at Mon, 07/21/2003 - 17:39

I like Kopete a little bit. . It's just very lacking for me. I'm a user that enjoys GAIM and several GAIM features. I also prefer Gabber to PSI for Jabber. Unfortunately Gabber doesn't work on my system any longer due to code changes and upgrades in the system.

What I don't like about Kopete:
- It crashes randomly when I'm not looking.
- Buddies on the OSCAR protocol either lag to show up or never do. (Actually on)
- Kopete doesn't have an option to not play sounds when I first login. (Very annoying when 10 or more people are already signed on)
- I haven't bothered to use the other protocols. Everyone dropped from ICQ. and I use PSI now for Jabber.

I would love to use Kopete more in the future, it's a nice program and has a really nice look/feel to it. It just doesn't do what I want at the moment.

By KDE User at Mon, 07/21/2003 - 14:36

Just to comment again. I'm using Kopete for Jabber right now. It seems okay. I don't know, I love the UI, I just don't know. Maybe with some of the mentioned problems above. Like, I just retrieved my buddy-list and it showed a person that was online as being offline. Is there something I'm not aware of for this?

By KDE User at Mon, 07/21/2003 - 20:54

I use the Jabber plugin for kopete everyday (although I don't get a huge number of messages on it). It has work great for me so far.


By KDE User at Mon, 07/21/2003 - 15:16

I'll start using it.. I just love it's interface.. unfortunatly, it crashes every hour or fails to build completely :(

so I'm stuck with gaim and psi for jabber for now.

By KDE User at Mon, 07/21/2003 - 17:15