KSplash, kdesktop, and miscellany

KSplash plugin loading scheme changes, and probably will change again before 3.2. Grid spacing on kdesktop needs to be made flexible. No Perl: Python or Ruby?

  • Am I happy that I am the only one hacking on the new ksplash plugins! Probably going through a few more BIC changes and naming scheme changes before we see a final stable API. No time for that to happen before N7y as I am defending my doctoral dissertation on the 12th of next month. I wish I was going to N7y - no money, no time, no job yet.
  • The other thing to do in the short term is to provide configurable grid spacing for kdesktop - quite a few bug reports about it. Unfortunately, the current icon layout algorithm, while nice, does not lend itself greatly to configurability. Let's see what comes of it. Also, based on an informal survey of people in my lab, there is no need for three alignment options on the RMB menu: horizontal, vertical, grid. Everyone prefers something, and uses only their preferred means. This means that we could move the options into the KControl module, and have just one Align item on the RMB menu.
  • Now that I have given up on Perl (impossible to maintain code for any long period of time, see am_edit for an example of well-known mess), the question is: Python or Ruby? Or are there other languages out there that require consideration?
  • Stuff I hope someone else will fix/create:
    • ksmserver - saving multiple sessions
    • kmail - crash on session exit
    • qdockwindow - sane API designed for subclassing
    • kmdi - working IDEAl mode
    • khtml - pluggable modules to add support on demand for MathML, etc.
    • KEmacs :-)


Hrm, i wonder if KScriptInterface is what you are looking for. Control from a script, but not bound to any language, the only requirement is that it has dcop bindings. I think it may be time i write a KScriptInterface howto.

By Ian Reinhart Geiser at Sat, 07/19/2003 - 23:19

What about KEmacs? We do have a secret branch of XEmacs with GUI in Qt. It's highly experimetal though and I dare not to post link to it on a public forum :) And if it's not the integration with ktexteditor interfaces then kde-emacs should be enough.
As for the crash in KMail I heard about it but never seen it myself and no one is able to provide a backtrace for it so it's kinda hard to trace it down.

By zack rusin at Sun, 07/20/2003 - 00:33

Well im a big fan of pushing the KTextEditor interface. Im pretty sure its not impossible because they have the Qt editor manhandled into working with it.

The KTextEditor interface has some cool things as bonuses. For one, it can be used in Quanta, KDevelop and a few other applications, also its got DCOP intefaces for the entire API.

It would be cool to see yet another editor with ktexteditor, now if only we could get scintilla. :)

By Ian Reinhart Geiser at Sun, 07/20/2003 - 03:07

Isn't there a QScintilla component already? I tried to use some editor that was built around it, but I just couldn't get it to work. It seems pretty nice.

Personally I'd kill for a KDE version of Emacs, maybe with proper scripting, not that Lisp garbage. :)

--chakie (not yet approved)

By KDE User at Sun, 07/20/2003 - 14:56

There are Qt two versions of Scintilla floating around. One on apps.kde.com, and another one used by theKompany apps. Shawn Gordon posted publicly (search on the dot) and mailed me privately saying that they intended to make their Qt port open source, and also try to integrate it with the main Scintilla tree, but it never happened.

And on the "Lisp garbage", there are tons of useful stuff out there (see kdesdk even) in Lisp. Plus, I am beginning to appreciate Lisp now anyways. (I used to hate it because we had to implement a C pseudo-compiler in Scheme a long time ago, and I detested having to do that.) And CLOS is nice, especially multiple polymorphism.

By KDE User at Sun, 07/20/2003 - 20:31

Kawil, I know about the DEV_QT branch but it has been dead for a long time. If it is something else, where do I sign up as a tester/hacker? Like someone else said below, I'd kill for KEmacs :-)

By KDE User at Sun, 07/20/2003 - 20:25

I was also wondering why is this crash still happening, but if you say that you don't have a useful BT, I will try to get one and post it to the KMail list.
Right now the most annoying bug for me is still comes from KMail (and I've reported there and waiting for Marc Mutz's fix): if you select part of a message and reply, a new line will be inserted between every existed one.

By amantia at Sun, 07/20/2003 - 04:44

I haven't yet managed to set up xsm and obtain a usable backtrace. If you can get me a backtrace, I'll look into it - this and the borked QListView patch are the most annoying things in CVS (IMHO of course).

By KDE User at Sun, 07/20/2003 - 20:22

I've sent one to the KMail devel list. I did the following:
- start kmail
- connect gdb to the process (from outside of X)
- exit KDE

KMail crashes and you can see the BT in gdb.


By amantia at Mon, 07/21/2003 - 08:12

Have you tried contacting KDE e.V. about support so you can go to N7Y? They sent out an email about this a few days ago:

Dear participants of the Nove Hrady KDE Hackfest,

Thank you for registering for the KDE Meeting. We all look forward to meet
you in person.

Generally, you will have to take care of your travel and lodging expenses
on your own. Limited by its funding (provided by sponsors), KDE e.V. might
help you with it.

KDE e.V. offers to fund a part of your travel and lodging expenses (up to
80% in general), provided
(1) you explain why you need it (why you cannot afford it on your own) and
how KDE benefits from it
(2) you provide the necessary copies of bills etc

To prepare an estimate of what KDE e.V. has to pay, please send a message
stating the above ((1) and (2)) and the expected expenses to
[email protected]

It is important not to wait until the meeting, since we need to know what
part of the funds is left for other purposes.

In case you cannot afford to pay the last 20% on your own, please file
your expenses anyway. Please explain your situation, and we will get in
touch with you. In substantiated cases, your expenses will be wholly

In the name of the KDE e.V. Board,

--Mirko Boehm, Treasurer.

By KDE User at Sun, 07/20/2003 - 10:35