Kivio features that is on my todo list

Ok I thought I would start with making my intentions for the future of Kivio clear. Well at least the things that are most visible to the user... :)

Autorouting connector
The connector should automaticaly try to calculate the best route on the canvas. This might take awhile and will probably start with something earier like the connectors in dia for example.
More advanced text support
Support for richtext and inlineediting (ie edit the text directly on the canvas). This is a project that will take some time I think...
Line styles
Ah, a simple thing at last! :) This should be implemented as fast as the feature freeze is lifted.
Better arrowhead support
Change the code so that the arrowheads does not need to be hardcoded into kivio...

The above list is not in any special order. And there is absolutly no promises attached to it. :)


Is there a kind of code sharing with the umbrella project. And waht about mindMap functionality?

e.G. is a Java project.

By KDE User at Sun, 07/20/2003 - 13:02

No code sharing yet, but we hope to have some in the future. At least the drawing backend should be shareable... (also with karbon14)

By Peter Simonsson at Sun, 08/17/2003 - 09:23