Looking for a maintainer for Gwenview

Having been working on Gwenview for six years, I finally came up with the decision that it was time to move on.

It has been a tough decision, but I realize I don't have enough free time to manage such a project by myself anymore. If you want to know more, have a look at the message I posted to the mailing list.

Of course, I do not want Gwenview to die, that's why I'm looking for a maintainer. If you are interested, please contact me.


Hi Aurelien,

It's a shame you feel like that. I know about the overhead in such a project (making releases, maintaining a website, merging patches). I hope Gwenview continues to shine!

By Jos van den Oever at Wed, 12/13/2006 - 23:07

yeah, gwenview is cool. it wouldn't want to miss it, it's THE picture viewer for embedding in konqi. most others don't really shine... :D

By superstoned at Thu, 12/14/2006 - 08:29

It is by far the best tool to view and browse pictures under Linux. I hope you will find an energetic new maintainer!

By martin at Thu, 12/14/2006 - 10:33

Bad to hear that, but I can understand you pretty well.

In any case: Thank you for the time you've spend on gwenview, for providing this application!

By liquidat at Fri, 12/15/2006 - 16:12