Personal stories not related to KDE.


Ten years!

It's been 10 years since I joined Kexi and thus the KDE community. I think writing down some history and summary makes sense.

2003-03-28: first touch on Kexi sources for porting

It all started at a technology fair in Warsaw, 2003. I wasn't too keen to go but got free tickets and free time. I met a founder of OpenOffice Polska LLC (later renamed to OpenOffice Software) from Warsaw presenting its adaptation of deeply localized, nicely prebuilt office suite based on The office suite has been open sourced StartOffice over two years before by SUN and then localizations or user handbooks basically did not exist. During the meeting among other topics we also discussed apparent missing bit in the suite: a rival of MS Access. I proposed to perform some research on how the app can be added. I got hired and engaged full-time from March 2003.


The Job hunt continues...

I've been really busy on the job front these days most recently being interviewed at HQ. It was a great experience. I made it to the final steps but unfortunately, was not an exact fit for what they needed (I applied for a Quality Engineering role). Even so, I'm proud to have gotten to the decision stage, they aren't an easy company to get into.

Now that my passport is being renewed, hopefully more opportunities will arrive. The economy hasn't made any of this easy looking for work but hopefully something comes around soon.

Coffice - Calligra on Android available now


Coffice (Calligra Office or coffee-in-office) is a new project that tries to make Calligra available on mobile platforms like Android, Blackberry 10, Jolla SailfishOS and Ubuntu Phone.


Explaining Anagrm and our Android efforts

Hello blog, long time no see :-)

In last few months, Collabora, my employer, moved me and a team of good hackers to a mission of enable in some way automatic open source tools, code and libraries on top of AOSP ( Android Open Source Project ), and with our central focus are Wayland, Gstreamer and Pulseaudio, and a bit with Qt5 before, but this for later and will be some personal project soon.



Evening conversation with my 7 y.o.:

me: Michael, tell me what's the next number after -1.


me: OK...

what's the next number after π?


Close enough as he answered after ~1 second, never even hearing about π ... unless he's secretly reading Wikipedia articles instead of playing games...

What's your interesting moment of this sort?


One adventure ends....

It is sad to report, but I have been laid off at RIM/BlackBerry today.

I wish them all the best with Qt.

I now look for a new adventure, a new opportunity to help the Open Source community grow.

If you know of any great places that are hiring, please let me know :)

Thank you.



40 years of Atari

This week we celebrated 40 years of Atari, once #1 computer brand.

For football and/or Atari fans - on time, some of us think that Mario Balotelli celebrated the anniversary too after scoring during the Germany vs Italy Euro 2012 semi-final match:

Anyway, have a good time at Akademy!


Q-Fridges - we're hiring!

There are job offers floating sporadically on planetkde so I guess this one would fit too especially that there are many related technologies involved.

You may remember my story about some crazy Qt device. Now there is apparent expansion both vertically and to other types of high-end devices, so:


Out of the loop, but not out of sight, hello PlayBook and Qt!

Please note: This blog is personal and opinions are of my own and do not represent RIM

I've been quiet for a while now. Lots of things going on in my life. I have not forgotten KDE, but I'm still unable to work on anything at this time (more on that in future post).

But I'm glad to say that having Qt as part of PlayBook is awesome!
I look forward to seeing what people will do.

We've ported a number of projects to QNX for the PlayBook and can be found here: BlackBerry GitHub



Besides all possible conventional wishes there is something I wish you for 2011:

"Let any good code you commit come back to you redoubled"

A twisted variant of the karm^w boomerang theory ;)